All The Supernatural Episodes Which Are Directed By Supernatural Actors

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. For 15 seasons, these actors entertained us by playing fictional characters which became larger than life. But you would be surprised to know many of these actors are multitalented. Not only can they act effortlessly on the camera, but they possess a creative mind which works behind the camera lens. Couple of Supernatural actors have tried their hands at direction, some even did the multitasking of appearing as an actor while also directing the episode. Acting comes easy for these actors because they have years of experience, but many of them lacked in the direction department, making their directional debut with Supernatural. Because there’s plenty of elements that goes into the process of directing an episode, from camera settings, locations to script and soundtrack. Interestingly, you might be surprised to know that a couple of all time favorite Supernatural Episodes have been directed by SPN actors.

So Take A Look At All The Supernatural Episodes Which Are Directed By Supernatural Actors


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Did you know that Misha Collins has made appearances in a total of 147 episodes over 15 seasons, but this cute angel has also directed a Supernatural episode. Misha served as the director for Supernatural Season 9 Episode ‘Mother’s Little Helper’, This episode shows how Abaddon came to possess Josie Sands who was a newly initiated into Men of Letters. But once possessed by Abaddon, she started destroying Men of Letters. The episode also features Henry Winchester who along with Josie Sands arrive in a town in 1958 to investigate a Supernatural case in a small town. Years later, Sam and Dean come to the same town to investigate a case. Misha Collins doesn’t appear as Castiel in this episode.


All The Supernatural Episodes Which Are Directed By Supernatural Actors
The CW

Amanda Tapping is well known for her role of the angel Naomi who first appeared in the Season 8. After the demise of Raphael, Naomi sought the opportunity to lead the realm of heaven with her angels. She freed Castiel from Purgatory and then brainwashed the angel to do her bidding. It looked like she was eliminated by Metatron, but she survived and kept the dimension of heaven running. Amanda is the only female member of the SPN cast to have the unique achievement of directing an episode under her name. Like the title of the episode says, it deals with the ‘future’ of Lucifer’s Nephilim child who is inside the womb of Kelly. Castiel trusts the vision shown to him by the child, and using his powers, he manages to eliminates the Prince of Hell, Dagon.


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