All You Should Know About The Life Of An Indian Student!

As we all know that India is a country where the career of a student is decided by his parents at the time of his/her birth. There are lots of expectations of parents from Indian student and they want to accomplish all their dreams which they failed to achieve. The main reason of the strictness of the Indian parents is that they try to mold their child according to them and if he fails to do so, then he has to undergo punishment.

Every Indian student passes through very difficult phases in his whole life. The competition is getting harder day by day and every body is running in an unstoppable marathon that will never be going to end. The education system here doesn’t allow any student to unleash his talent in any field other than books. Every student is forced to follow a particular path set of rules that has actually a very little importance in his future. There is no place to showcase his talent and he is judged by his marks, not his creativity.

Indian student

Let’s have a look at the problem that every Indian student face in his entire life

He isn’t allowed to work on his own dreams

Indian students are believed to have the sharpest minds in the world. The education system here is such that it has certain set of rules that are in the existence for nearly 150+ years. Those rules were made by the Britishers and whole education system was changed in order to teach Indians according to the Britishers. The Britishers did so to mix Indians in their colour so that they can rule them more easily. Unfortunately, the education system is still the same after so many years of the independence. The sad part is that nobody has ever tried to change this education system.

An Indian student is not allowed to work on his own dreams. He is pressurized right from his childhood to get good academic grades. The lives of most of the students are one-dimensional and they are not allowed to think of anything else apart from studies. Only a few people have the support of their parents or family members to pursue the career of their own choice.

Forced choice of Career

Indian student has been given the training to memorize stuff to a greater extent. They are not taught to understand the topics that they study. Basically. Indian students are trained to score high marks in the examination anyhow. There is very less attention paid towards teaching the concepts . The whole education system is totally dependent on teaching and memorization of the facts. This kills the creativity of the students and set certain boundaries in the minds of the students.

Most of the Indian students are either forced by their parents to choose a particular career or they themselves don’t select the career of their choice. The reason being the lack of moral support from the family members. Most of the Indian people worry too much about the perspective of the society towards them. But they need to understand that life is too short to worry about What people think about us.

For the sake of social respect

“Humara Beta Afsar Banega” that’s one of the most famous dialogues that we all are familiar with. Every Indian student has all the burden of the expectations from the family members that pressures him the most. One thing that’s been planted in the minds of every Indian student is that you can only achieve social respect and fame when you will become Engineer, Doctor or Government officer.

We all have to keep in mind that all the students have different area of interests. Not all students can become Doctors, Engineers and Lawyers. Indian parents should talk to their children and should encourage their morals to pursue the career of their own choice.

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