Alternate Careers Of Supernatural Cast If They Hadn’t Chosen Acting

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. If it weren’t for the Supernatural, many of us wouldn’t be familiar with the actors such as Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki. It is also pretty fair to say that if it wasn’t for Supernatural some of these actors wouldn’t have attained the global fame and success which they know today. But nonetheless, the cast members of Supernatural are extremely talented and well-educated. They would have succeeded in any other domain, had they not chosen the acting profession. But it’s interesting to imagine what careers our Supernatural cast members would be working in, if they weren’t actors.

So Take A Look At Alternate Careers Of Supernatural Cast If They Hadn’t Chosen Acting


Alternate Careers Of Supernatural Cast If They Hadn't Chosen Acting
The CW

Jensen Ackles has been in love with sports since he was a kid. He participated in different sports such as baseball, basketball, lacrosse, and football. When he was in the high school, he even made it to the school’s baseball team. Jensen’s father is also an actor and it was from him that he became interested towards the films and acting. He would observe his father and soon became invested in the field. Jensen would start taking theater classes because of his love for acting even though he was a sportsman. During his sophomore year, he came across two acting agents who discovered his acting potential and asked him to come to LA, and the rest is history. But Originally Jensen planned to study the sports medicine at TU. He wanted to become a physical therapist before trying his hands at acting. Knowing how talented and hard working he is, it wouldn’t be a surprise that the world would have known him as Dr. Jensen Ackles rather than actor Jensen.

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Alternate Careers Of Supernatural Cast If They Hadn't Chosen Acting
The CW

Even before the Supernatural, Jared found some significant success in his professional acting career with his role as Dean Forester in the hit ‘Gilmore Girls’. The actor also appeared in small roles in certain movies. His first major movie appearance was in ‘New York Minute’. He would then go on to star in some successful movies such as ‘House of Wax’, ‘Friday The 13th’. However, the major highlight of his career is playing the role of Sam Winchester in Supernatural. But did you know apart from his talent prowess, he is also academically gifted. Jared is also the winner of National Forensic League championship and was a candidate for the Presidential Scholarship program. The actor enrolled himself in the University of Texas, but dropped out after landing an acting gig on Gilmore Girls. According to a source, he was set to major in Engineering. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the actor would have gone to become an engineer easily if he had not dropped from the college.


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