10 Amazing Instagram Fitness Models That You Should Follow

Hey guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. Being fit is a dream for many woman, but some are already way ahead of the game. Flaunting their strong toned bodies on Instagram, it’s no wonder they’ve accumulated millions of followers. Their before and after photos prove that anything is possible. Instagram fitness models you should follow.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Amazing Instagram Fitness Models That You Should Follow!


10 Amazing Instagram Fitness Models That You Should Follow

Brittany Don is a weight lifter and fitness nutrition specialist who’s become an Instagram sensation. wIth videos of her favorite workouts, healthy breakfast and nearly naked photos, her body has become an inspiration for girls everywhere. her before and after photos proved that with hard work you can get the body and confidence you’ve always wanted. She comes off as real and relatable in her feed. So it’s no surprise that her followers are so loyal.

2. Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines)

With millions of followers and Counting, Kayla has made a name for herself and her Fit Body on Instagram. What started off with her boyfriend taking videos of her workouts blossomed into a flourishing fitness Empire. She created the bikini body guide to push and inspire woman to become their fittest selves. She also has a new app called ‘Sweat with Kayla’ promoting her guides with real girls before and after photos her feed is straight up addicting.

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3. Amanda Bisk (@AMANDABISK)

This one glance at Amanda Bisk’s Instagram account and it’s easy to see how she’s accumulated such a mass following. Residing in Perth Australia, her sunny beach photos are all a part of the job. She’s a former pole vaulter, a qualified yoga instructor and organizes fitness challenges and meet ups with her followers. She also has over 12 years experience as a qualified exercise physiologist, exercise scientist and elite athletics coach so her training guides are pretty legit.

4. Lisa Morales (@MISSLISAMORALES)

Lisa Morales spends her days motivating others with her super fit body and healthy lifestyle. With abs of steel, tone bums and perfect legs, her two million followers get an eyeful every day. The Cuban five foot three beauty has appeared on Maxim Sports Illustrated and men’s fitness and you’ve probably seen her on TV too sporting tons of swimsuit photos and pictures in figure hugging clothing, it’s clear her fitness regime is really paying off.


5. Bella Falconi (@BELLAFALCONI)

A certified fitness trainer with a Bachelor nutrition, Bella Falconi knows what she’s talking about on her fitness heavy Instagram account. And with millions of followers watching her every instant move she has a lot of fans. The fitness guru claims she used to have a junk food obsession failing to meet her fitness goals, but those days are clearly behind her. Continuously posting selfies and videos of her workouts, she’s one to follow immediately.

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6. Emily Skye (@EMILYSKYEFIT)

Emily Skye motivates woman to feel good about themselves, creating meal and workout programs for you to work through. She focuses on feeling good about the way she looks rather than how much she weighs which is a great message to spread to girls. Mostly posting photos of her abs and toned physique, she’s making waves as a fitness rock. Plus her blog has amazing recipes and nutrition tips to keep your dates the healthiest they can be.

7. Anna Victoria (@ANNAVICTORIA)

As the creator of the Fit Body guides it’s Ana Victoria’s mission to get woman feeling better about themselves from the inside out. Posting motivational quotes and lots of mirror selfies she’s not afraid to flaunt her perfectly strong physique. She’s also not scared to post about her faults which is refreshing because nobody’s fitness journey is perfect. Her account also showcases real Fit Body Guide results as she posts before and after photos of girls who have gone through her workout plan.

8. Tanya Poppett (@ACHIEVING_BALANCE)

Tanya Poppett not only has hundreds of thousands of followers watching her every fitness move on Instagram. She has also launched a free fitness app called ‘Train With Tanya’ what’s so awesome about her feed is the versatility of her fitness activities from skiing and running to yoga and weights, she’s definitely achieved balance.

9. Jeanette Jenkins (@MSJEANETTEJENKINS)

As a trainer and a nutritionist who specializes in game changing recipes, Jeanette Jenkins is one to watch. She shows incredible strain flexibility and overall wellbeing through her photos, inspiring her followers every day. Her bikini boot camp workouts have woman singing her praises and her positive quotes will bring a smile to your face.

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