Some Amazing Quotes Of Dean Winchester That Could Inspire You

Dean Winchester made a deal to bring Sam back in exchange for his soul. This resulted in him being pulled to the underworld where he would spend 40 long years. He would be rescued by Castiel to play a part in the bigger picture. He was supposed to be the true vessel of the archangel Michael so that the apocalypse could happen, but Dean Winchester defied Michae and chose free will. The archangel would turn to the Winchesters’ step-brother Adam who also carried the bloodline of John. After both Sam who is possessed by Lucifer and Michael who is possessing Adam are trapped in the cage. Dean starts a normal life with Lisa and Ben. He slowly starts adjusting to this new life.

Supernatural Characters Who Have Been Both A Hero & A Villain

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But when Sam returns back into the picture and new enemies emerge, Dean keeps Lisa and Ben at Bobby’s house which doesn’t last for long. Lisa tries getting over Dean and starts dating again, but demons find their way to her and she gets possessed. When Lisa is seriously hurt, she is healed by Castiel, but seeing how his connection places Lisa into danger. Dean asks Castiel to erase all his memories from the mind of Lisa so she could be safe forever. Throughout the Supernatural, Dean purposely avoided intimate emotional relationships because he understood the risks involved with the kind of life he’s leading, the hunter’s life.

5. That’s the secret! It doesn’t matter how difficult the adversity is, you have to keep pushing, you have to keep going, you have to keep believing. Only then the miracles can happen.

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6. Sometimes you have to step away from the people you care about for the sake of their happiness. If you truly love someone then you want them to be alright even without you.

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7. Sam and Dean, all they ever needed was each other. Together they managed to overcome every enemy. Their brotherhood is the epitome of selfless, unconditional love that changed worlds, even rewrote the destiny.


8. It all comes to choice! You always have a choice! You could do anything if you really choose to. Also, at times we must choose what is right and not what is easy for us to do.

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So these were some of the inspiring, profound quotes of Dean Winchester from Supernatural. What’s your favorite Dean Winchester quote? Do share!

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