Amazing Similarities Between Greek And Hindu Mythology

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Greek and Hindu mythology are the oldest mythologies in the world and they share some similarities too. Though you may think that they have no connection or link at all, but they have some similarities that may shock you.

So let’s know about the similarities between Greek and Hindu mythology

1. Zeus and Indra

Similarities Between Greek And Hindu Mythology

They both shared the same kind of character and both of them are the King of Gods. They even had the same kind of weapon and Zeus stayed in Mount Olympus and Indra in Mount Meru.

2. Achilles and Karna

Both of them were Demigods and shared various similarities like they both had the same kind of armor, which made them invincible as they impenetrable and both were skilled warriors. Like Karna’s death had somewhere put an end to Mahabharata, Achilles death also had put an end to a war.

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3. Hades and Yamaraj

They both are known as the Gods of underground and both of them are not evil(as considered to be) and they both assign that who should go to hell or heaven on the basis of their virtues.

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