Are You A True Fan Of Legacies? Test Your Legacies Knowledge!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Legacies is a Supernatural drama which is a spin-off of the Originals. The show features characters from ‘The Originals’ and the Vampire Diaries. The show follows the story of Hope Mikaelson, she is the daughter of the first Original hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson, and Hayley Marshall. Hope has descended from the bloodlines of the most powerful werewolf, vampire, and witch. Legacies starts 2 years after the happenings of The Originals. She is a 17 years old girl who attends the Salvatore School which is for the gifted children. The Salvatore School helps people with Supernatural abilities on how to control their impulses and abilities.

Are You A True Fan Of Legacies? Test Your Legacies Knowledge!

Which Creature Are You From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ And ‘The Originals’?

Klaus named her Hope after taking inspiration from his half brother Elijah who said this newborn kid will be their family’s hope. Hope belongs to the Tribid species, she is a mix of vampire, werewolf, and witch. In the Season 4 episode of the Vampire Diaries, Hope was conceived when Klaus and Hayley shared a moment. In the Originals, Sophie who is a witch reveals that Hayley is pregnant and it is possible because of the Werewolf side of Klaus. Sophie then asks Klaus to help Hayley and her kid or she will kill them. But after hearing some words from Elijah, he changes his mind.

So Are You A True Fan Of Legacies? Take This Quiz And Find Out!

So how many questions did you answer correctly? Also, we want to know who is your favorite Legacies character and why? Do share with us in the comments section. Legacies premiered on 25 October 2018 on CW network and received rave reviews from the critics and the fans. Due to its success, CW renewed Legacies for a second season which will premiere on 10 October 2019 on CW.
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