Are You A True Shipper Of Riverdale?


Welcome back to Humor Nation. Riverdale has something for everyone. If you are a fan of mystery shows then Riverdale has plenty of murder mysteries in it. If you are a fan of teenage drama then this show is just perfect for you. And if you are someone who’s into rom-com then this show has plenty of romance to to offer. The show is full of many romantic couples. It’s debatable which couple or ship is the best as the fans have different opinions about them. In a town which is full of gangs, mobsters, domestic conflicts, shady businesses, and serial killers on the loose there’s always time for some love. Being in a constant life or death situation surely messes up the young hormones.


Can You Match These Quotes To The Riverdale Characters Who Said Them?

One of the best couples in Riverdale is ‘Varchie’ which is the relationship between Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews. Veronica is a big town girl who arrives into the Riverdale town and the moment she arrives in this small town, she grabs the attention of Archie Andrews, the popular high schooler. Their relationship wasn’t smooth, they had to face many struggles such as Veronica’s dad coming in between and even threatening Archie. But Varchie eventually became the ‘IT’ couple. While some of the couples became fan favorite that the fans shipped, some relationships the fans wish never happened.

How Well Do You Know SprouseHart?
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So, we would like to know who do you think is the best couple on Riverdale?

So Take This Quiz And Find Out If You Are A True Shipper Of Riverdale!

Are You A True Shipper Of Riverdale?

So you think you are a fan of Riverdale and know almost everything about the characters. Take this quiz to check how well do you know the various ship names of Riverdale?

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