Are You Betty Or Veronica From Riverdale?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Betty Cooper isn’t just a girl next door and she has proved it in the show, in the comics her character was way different and warmer. She is famous for her high ponytail and her detective skills have always helped the town from crappy people. But there are also some flaws in her that choose to ignore. You need to watch out when this girl comes down the halls of Riverdale High. Veronica Lodge wears confidence like a rare perfume that everyone’s desperate of. She’s not a daddy’s girl anymore and she uses her personality in a very good way and her commanding nature is loved by many. But not all that we see, there are many things that we’ve ignored so far about her

Are You Betty Or Veronica From Riverdale?

Find Out Who Is Your Riverdale Arch Enemy?

These two had so many moments together. Some of them pleased the fans while some didn’t. Do you remember the episode where Archie and Veronica had a moment in “Seven minutes in heaven”? We as viewers did not like that fact that Veronica still came forward to kiss Archie when she knew that Betty likes him so much since childhood. She just crushed Betty’s feeling and went forward for it and did not care for her. Betty was upset over that fact as she loved Archie and so she froze out Veronica and gave her cold vibes even when she tried to make things right.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Are You Betty Or Veronica From Riverdale?

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