Are You Heera Thakur Or Kabir Singh? TAKE QUIZ AND FIND OUT!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Today we are going to talk about two completely opposite yet equally popular Bollywood movie characters which have left a mark on the psyche of the fans. Kabir Singh, an alcoholic bully who comes across as a foul-mouthed hothead and can be insensitive at times. Kabir Singh represents the toxic masculinity. This character surely is controversial, but it did manage to strike a chord with the Indian audiences especially the youth.

Are You Heera Thakur Or Kabir Singh? TAKE QUIZ AND FIND OUT!

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Another character is Heera Thakur. A person who was deceived by his family members and was thrown out of his house because he did the right thing. But through his hard work and honest character made him the richest person in the end. His story is inspiring for everyone, Heera taught us that we should never fear the adversities, but face them head-on.

While Kabir found his love in Preeti, Heera had Radha. In today’s world, it is hard to find women like Preeti and Radha. Heera and Kabir Singh’s characters are totally different, both have their own unique qualities. Both characters had to face challenges in their lives. Kabir who suffered heartbreak after losing Preeti went on a destructive path whereas Heera after being thrown out of his own house ended up becoming a successful entrepreneur. Some of you aspire to become like Heera while some want to be exactly like Kabir Singh.

So Take The Quiz And Find Out If You Are Heera Thakur Or Kabir Singh?

So which character are you? Do you agree with the results of the quiz? Don’t forget to tag your friends by commenting below the post.
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