Toughest Elena Gilbert Quiz That Even The Salvatores Would Fail

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Welcome to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries is one of the best Vampire TV series of all time, but it is certainly facing competition from its own spin-off ‘The Originals’. While the fans of both shows have their own views regarding why their favorite is the best. Some say Vampire Diaries is overrated, but its more popular because of its longevity. The show has an attractive cast and a loyal fan base. One interesting character from TVD is Elena Gilbert.

Toughest Elena Gilbert Quiz That Even The Salvatores Would Fail
The CW

Which Creature Are You From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ And ‘The Originals’?

Some feel that the prime seasons 2-4 of TVD are way better than The Originals because the plot of the show back then was very interesting. The writing was great, acting was amazing, and the villains of TVD were formidable, sincere, and powerful. And speaking of villains, the villains were the Originals themselves.

Toughest Elena Gilbert Quiz That Even The Salvatores Would Fail
The CW

After that, the quality of the show diminished because the Originals left and Katherine died. While speaking of the Originals, the storyline and quality of the show have not diminished throughout its seasons. Many fans feel that The Originals is very underrated and it doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves because of it being a spin-off and the cast not being as popular as the TVD actors. But if you’re new to the ‘TVD’ universe, it is advisable that you first finish TVD then start ‘The Originals’, and at last watch the Legacies. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to understand the dynamics of the characters in Legacies and The Originals. So which show do you prefer and why? Do share your reasons by commenting below the article on Facebook. Share this with your friends in TVD universe.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know Elena?

Toughest Elena Quiz That Even The Salvatores Would Fail

Elena is the titular character of the Vampire Diaries. She played a critical role in the story-lines. Take this quiz if you feel you know almost everything about her character.

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  1. Damon and Elena’s first kiss was season 2 episode 22, and Elena loved Eggplant. She even talks about it in the show.


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