Are You Sebastian Or Claude? Take This Black Butler Quiz And Find Out

Welcome to Humor Nation. A butler makes things easy, can help with the household stuff, daily chores, improves the quality of life. But what if your butler is from hell? But it’s not easy to get yourself a personal servant from hell, especially one who’s good looking, has great manners, and can almost do anything you’ll ask him. In Black Butler, we have seen such amazing butlers who are actually demons, Sebastian and Claude! I am sure 99% of the fans here would definitely Sebastian to be their personal servant, but are there who’d prefer Claude?

Are You Sebastian Or Claude? Take This Black Butler Quiz And Find Out

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Claude Faustus is a demon butler who serves the Trancy Household, his master is Alois Trancy who made a contract with him. He is also known as the Spider Butler. He is a handsome butler with golden eyes and black hair, always dresses in a fine dark suit, wearing white gloves. The seal of the contract that Alois Trancy made with Claude is visible on the back of the left hand of Faustus.

Like all demons are, he is apathetic, he has no emotions. He doesn’t even mind the traunts of Alois unlike Sebastian who responds with his sassiness. When Claude first tastes the blood of Ciel, he changed, he developed an obsession for the soul of Ciel Phantomhive, to obtain it anyhow. He is the second demon after Sebastian to appear in the Black Butler series and who’s after Ciel’s soul.

So Take This Black Butler Quiz And Find Out If You Are Sebastian Or Claude

So which butler are you? Are you Sebastian or are you Claude? Do let us know the result of this Black Butler quiz by commenting below the post on Facebook. Do share this interesting quiz with your Kuroshitsuji friends.
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