Are You Stelena Or Delena? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. TVD is a tale of love. There have been numerous romances and love stories in TVD over the course of eight seasons. But the two major ships that stand out are Stelena and Delena. Every fan has to choose to board only one ship, you can’t be both. When the show started, Stefan had the girl, but when the show ended it was the elder Salvatore who ended up with the girl.

The CW

Find Out Who Is Your BFF From The TVD Universe?

Through out the seasons, Elena Gilbert struggled to choose between the two Salvatores. We don’t blame her, how could we? Two hotties who have desirable qualities…any girl would find it impossible to choose one. But in the end, she chose to settle down with Damon Salvatore. Even though Delena became the OTP, but many fans continue to believe that Stefan was and will always be the right choice for Elena as it was their destiny to be together.

Are You Stelena Or Delena? Take This Quiz To Find Out
Source: The CW

While Stefan was the one Salvatore who always respected Elena’s choice and always (Well, mostly) gave her the space to decide what was best for her. Even though they both were lovers, but also great friends because of which the communication between them was always great when it came to express their emotions or decisions. So which team are you on? Are you too struggling to choose one? Well, fortunately we have prepared a quiz for you which will evaluate your choices and will tell you whether you’re Team Delena or Team Stelena.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Are You Stelena Or Delena? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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