Avengers Infinity War Ending Explained!

The Ending of Avengers: Infinity War left are jaws dropped to the floor as gasping, shocked expressions and everyone in the auditorium thinking WFT!! How could they do that to us? So much confusion. There are many questions that need answers and that’s what were going to be talking about today. Hey guys, welcome back to the Humor Nation. So obviously since we are talking about things that happened in Infinity War there will be spoilers. So just a fair warning. Before we jump into this list, I want to know if you could be one of the avengers who would you be and why? My favorite avenger is Iron man so being him would be pretty cool. Let me know your answers down in the comments.

Alright lets get started on out list of the top Avengers Infinity War Ending Explanations.

5. Thanos

At the end of the film we see Thanos in an empty orange realm. Some speculate he is actually inside the soul stone at this point as it is also orange. Also in the comic books its known to contain a pocket dimension referred to as the Soul world and this is a place which stores all of the souls stolen by the gem. In this world he is confronted by Gamora as a child who asks him what his crusade cost. To which he replies Everything. But his sadness doesn’t last long as shortly after we get a glimpse of him on a lush green planet looking content as he watched the sunrise. We also see the Gauntlet and it looks twisted and charred as if the final act broke it beyond repair. So this left the audience wondering if the stones can still be used together or maybe there’s another place they can be used.

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4. Vision

So we got some good news it seems like Vision may still be with us. So in the movie Shuri is attempting to separate visions consciousness from the mind stone before they were interrupted. This is a super important piece of information we seem to just forget about once Thanos kills him by ripping the stone from his head. You’ll also remember Shuri grabbed a holographic file before her lab was attacked. so maybe Vision can be reconstructed in the next movie. Because let’s be honest he and Scarlet Witch have been through enough, just let them be together and live happily ever after.


3. Time Stone

Now this one pissed people off, but we get it. So Doctor Strange ended up giving Thanos the Time stone. After all they went through to keep it from him. But it was either give him the stone or Tony Stark died. Thanos was one blow away from killing him. Which earth population vs one avenger, kinda balances more towards saving the world and that you sacrifice one to save everyone else. Especially seeing as Dr strange didn’t even like tony. But we need to remember Using the Time stone, Doctor Strange looked forward in time and sees one scenario out of 14 million where the Avengers Stop Thanos. So apparently in that one version he must have seen that Tony needed to live. So this was probably his way of nudging the universe onto the right track.

2. The OG’s

So you might have noticed when Thanos snaps his fingers and Avengers start getting wiped from existence, its odd how all of the original Avengers are left. You may have noticed Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk and the Black Widow all lived. Also Rocket, War Machine and Nebula are all left behind too. But it’s interesting they are all that remains. But seeing as the Black Panther sequel has been confirmed I think that Time stone is going to be put to use again. I think we will be seeing Black panther and the other wiped out avengers again really soon. Cant have Black Panther 2 coming out without the main character. Yeah but they did do a good job. They shocked us all for a second with supposedly killing them off. There’s also the Spider-Man Homecoming sequel that’s coming out next year. As well as a Guardians sequel in 2020. Like so many of them already have contracts with upcoming movies so yeah they’ll kinda gotta be alive for those.

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1. Captain Marvel

Avengers Infinity War Ending Explained!

So some of you may have been confused by that post credit scene. You know where Nick Fury gets out a strange looking pager that sent out a distress signal as hes fade into nothingness along with half of the universe. It then flashes down to the pager which received a response of a logo that is currently being used by Captain Marvel in her own series. This was actually our first cinematic glimpse of Captain Marvel. For many years now Marvel has been building up Captain Marvel. So the fact she answered this distress call and is coming to save the day is super exiting. I wonder if shes going to get along with the other Avengers? Well I mean currently there are only 5 of them so I think the chances are pretty good.

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