10 Most Beautiful Politicians In The World

Welcome to another countdown edition of Humor Nation. Today we are going to be talking about the ten most beautiful and hottest women in politics.  Take a look at these beautiful politicians.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Most Beautiful Politicians In The World!

10. Belinda Stronach – Canada

Belinda is one of those politicians who can rock any outfit, she is a Canadian parliament member. She could attract every men in the room with her charm. She is a woman who would look great in a crisp suit and could easily walk in a two piece bikini. Belinda Stronach became the Canadian Member of Parliament in 2004 and she was ranked as the second most powerful female politician when she was active. She recently retired from the politics. She has served as the minister of Human Resources and also as the minister of skill development.

9. Orly Levy – Israel

Israeli women are known for their dark hair and erotic looks. And Orly Levy has both these qualities, she is one of the most beautiful politicians in Israel. Before she joined politics, Levy was a model and also hosted a television show. Not only that, Orly Levy has also served in Israeli Air Force.

8. Sethrida Geagea – Lebanon

She is a Lebanese beauty who is always ready to be clicked by the camera and this has made her media’s favorite politician. Sethrida Geagea played a crucial role in the Lebanon’s fight with Syrian oppression.

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7. Alina Kabaeva – Russia

She is a Russian politician who is not only beautiful, but pretty fit and flexible. She has been State Duma deputy in the United Russian Party since the year 2007. Alina is also a very successful gymnast who has won over 14 World Championships and 25 European championship medals for her country.

6. Julia Bonk- Germany

You’d be confused when you look at this beautiful german redhead, she’d make you wonder whether she is a politician or a beautiful model. Currently she is serving in the Parliament of Saxony, she represents the left wing. Julia Bonk has been the youngest German ever to stepped into the Parliament, she became a MP at a young age of 18.


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