Before Supernatural: Shows To Watch Featuring The SPN Actors

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural has launched the careers of numerous actors, making them global stars overnight. While some actors had luck on their side as they attained success pretty early whereas many had to struggle and wait for numerous years before tasting the fame. In case of Supernatural, the show has featured immensely talented actors. While many fans might know this, but plenty of the SPN Cast has been part of various other shows before they found their way to Supernatural. If you are a crazy SPN fan then you should definitely check out these shows of your beloved actors.

So Take A Look At Shows To Watch Featuring The SPN Actors Before Supernatural

5. JARED PADALECKI (Gilmore Girls, ER)

Before Supernatural: Shows To Watch Featuring The SPN Actors
The WB/The CW

Jared Padalecki’s first move appearance was in the movie ‘A Little Inside’. But his major fame came when he appeared in the hit show ‘Gilmore Girls’ in the role of Dean Forester. A show that earned him critical acclaim, he kept playing it until 2005 when the Supernatural aired. Jared played the role of Dean who is the boyfriend of Rory. He also gets married to Lindsay, but ends up divorcing her. In 2001, he appeared in ER in the role of Paul Harris. Paul is brought in after being in a car accident with his dad Dan Harris.

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4. JENSEN ACKLES (Smallville, Mr. Rhodes, Dawson’s Creek, Days of Our Lives)

Before Supernatural: Shows To Watch Featuring The SPN Actors
The WB/The CW

Jensen Ackles has recently appeared in Season 3 of the Boys in the role of Soldier Boy. But he started his TV career with ‘Wishbone’, he would go on to appear in shows such as Sweet Valley High, Cybill, Dark Angel. But his best work before Supernatural includes Mr. Rhodes, Days of Our Lives, Dawnson’s Creek, and Smallville.

  • Jensen played the role of Jason Teague, a main role in Season 4 who is the love interest of Lana and follows her to Smallville. He takes up the job of a football coach. Jensen was nearly cast in the role of Clark Kent. His character was eventually written off due to SPN.
  • Mr. Rhodes is a comic sitcom which starred Tom Rhodes in the lead role. Jensen played the role of Malcolm in this sitcom.
  • Jensen Ackles appeared in Days of our Lives in the role of Eric Brady (1997-2000). There are 7 actors who have played this character.
  • Jensen has also appeared in Dawson’s Creek playing the recurring role of CJ. The show revolves around a group of friends who reside in Capeside.


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