Before Supernatural: Shows To Watch Featuring The SPN Actors


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Misha Collins was only cast for a small period, but soon was promoted to recurring, and then to a main role in SPN. The show boosted his career in a significant way. But little people know that Misha has appeared in numerous shows before making his way to Supernatural. He has made appearances in shows such as Charmed, Legacy, NYPD Blue, Seven Days, CSI, NCIS, Close to Home, Monk. But many people remember him for his recurring role of Alexis Drazen in 24 and his role of Bret in ER.

2. MARK SHEPPARD (Battlestar Galactica, Leverage, Soldier of Fortune, Inc.)

Before Supernatural: Shows To Watch Featuring The SPN Actors

Before his work in Supernatural, he has made appearances in plenty of shows making him a prolific actor. Mark has appeared in shows ranging from X-Files to 24. But his best known roles include playing Romo Lampkin Battlestar Galactica.

  • Romo is a defense attorney who appears in 7 episodes. He is called numerous times to defend Baltar and Adama. In the final episode, he ends up becoming the President of the 12 colonies.
  • He appeared in 10 episodes of ‘Leverage’ playing the role of James Sterling. He is an Interpol agent who develops a rivalry with Nate believing that he is trying over his job at IYS.
  • He appeared in Soldier of Fortune, Inc. playing the role of CJ Yates who has an expertise in surveillance and has served in the infantry & tank unit. While during a mission, he is captured where he was tortured, but he says that he didn’t snitch anything.

1. JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN (The Burning Zone)

The CW

JDM is one of the biggest television stars today. He started his TV career with the show Extreme where he appeared as Jack Hawkins. He would go on to appear in small roles in shows such as Sliders, JAG, ER, Angel, CSI, The Division, and Walker, Texas Ranger. But his best known TV work is ‘The Burning Zone’ in which he was the main cast member and played the role of Edward Marcase who is a virologist and has been tasked by the government to inspect and deal with different sorts of bio threats. Unfortunately, due to low ratings, JDM was replaced in the midst of the season and a new character was added to the show. After Supernatural, he would go on to appear in Grey’s Anatomy, Walking Dead, and lot more other shows. His work in TWD as Negan not only made the show relevant again, but him one of the most popular faces on the TV.

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