Complete Beginner’s Guide to Supernatural Characters!

Welcome to Humor Nation. So have you already finished the TV show you were watching? Are you looking for a new show to watch? I got a brilliant TV show for you, it’s called Supernatural. The reason why you should watch this TV show is that it has some amazing characters that you’d fall in love with, a surprising turn of events and storylines, amazing music and soundtrack, and everything that will make you smile. Well, today we have an illustrative guide to help you explain various characters of Supernatural.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Supernatural Characters!

1. This attractive young man is Dean Winchester.

And he hunts monsters, yes you read it right! MONSTERS!.

BTW he’s totally straight. Completely into the women.

Dean is always extremely manly.

He is also very dominant. You could say he’s an alpha.

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2. And this is Sam Winchester. Younger brother of Dean Winchester.

So Sam is Dean’s blood brother and also monster hunting partner. Both of these brothers are very mature and serious together.

Let me tell you this, Sam is perfectly normal. Never had any soul searching issues or ever got possessed by some demon, or something like that.

Totally no troubled childhood, psychological trauma, or emotional scarring. Nothing like that.

3. Another main character. His name is Castiel.

Castiel is an angel of the lord.

He’s very intimidating, he can be pretty scary at times.

Very very mighty!

All fear the wrath of this terrifying entity!


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