25 Behind The Scenes Photos From Supernatural That Change Everything!

Welcome to Humor Nation. It’s truly insane that Supernatural is entering its fourteenth season, considering that the show maker Eric Kripke was uncertain the TV show would survive to see the sophomore trip. Kripke’s tale focuses around two siblings and their family business which includes ‘Saving people, hunting things’ which unfurled through the span of five years. By then, feeling that he had given the Winchesters a beginning and a satisfying ending, Kripke ended his stint as the show runner.

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While the show surely suffered in terms of show’s quality as Eric Kripke departed, but the writers of the show kept on coming up with interesting story-lines to make the show entertaining for the audiences. The Winchesters fought the demons, the angels, the darkness, they both died several times and they have both been revived more than once. They have fought the devil himself and spent some adventurous time with the God. They have traveled to heaven and hell, even visited the alternate realities, and appeared in a cartoon along with Scooby Doo.

Supernatural has unquestionably had a lot of high points and low points throughout the years, however one thing has stayed the same: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. These great actors never seem to become worn out on depicting the characters of Dean and Sam. They appear to appreciate making the show the same amount of as fans love watching it. Despite what number of darling characters come and go throughout the years, as long as Sam and Dean are near, watchers of the show will keep their week by week meeting with the Winchesters.

Like the Winchesters, Supernatural has been more entertaining than the expectation, and continuing longer than anybody envisioned. This show has made every one of us laugh and cry. However most fans will stay with the show until the moment it ends.

So Let’s Take A Look At 25 Behind The Scenes Photos From Supernatural That Change Everything!

25. Gabriel having some fun with the cast.

25 Behind The Scenes Photos From Supernatural That Change Everything!

24. Just checking some news updates.

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