Best Of Ella Lopez Moments From The Lucifer

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Lucifer is one of the highest-rated shows of Netflix which is watched by people of all age groups. This show takes us to a different world of supernaturals and has a different take on it. The characters of this show are also unique and one of the quirkiest characters on the show is Ella Lopez who plays the role of a forensic scientist. She brings a whole lot of fun and humor to the show and surely makes us laugh with her funny dialogues. So here we’ll discuss some of her best moments from the show that her fans might like.

So take a look at the list down below to know some of Ella Lopez’s best moments on the show!

1. Pinata (3×22)

Best Of Ella Lopez Moments From The Lucifer

Chloe is all set to get married and a bachelorette party is a must for the bride to be. So Ella takes the responsibility on herself to make it memorable and plans out everything from booze to strippers. She adds her humor to it as always and says she has to pick up a penis pinata for the party.

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2. Alcohol Crisis (3×22)

Best Of Ella Lopez Moments From The Lucifer

When Chloe’s bachelorette started, Maze removed and hid all the booze from the house. So Ella long with Charlotte and Dr.Linda go to find booze. In the kitchen, Ella yells and states that by this point they should all have been nipple deep in alcohol but that did not happen. This particular episode was funny because of Ella.


3. Klingon (2×09)

Best Of Ella Lopez Moments From The Lucifer

Ella arrives at the murder scene of the place where Lucifer resides. The owner of that building dies and Ella finds pieces of glass scattered around the body. She glues the pieces to find any fingerprint to trace it to the culprit. When she does it, she stands with her fist straight and says in Klingon “Ta Vonlu” which means that the king is trapped.

4. Card counting (3×06)

Best Of Ella Lopez Moments From The Lucifer

Ella Lopez and Lucifer go for a little trip after Candy goes missing. There they take a quick stop at the Casino where they do gambling. When Lucifer gets a bit distracted, Ella takes over and starts playing round after round and wins it. There we get to know that she was once a card counter.

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5. Murder Reenactment (2×08)

Lucifer and Ella’s closeness somewhere made Chloe jealous but she denied it. In this episode, Ella describes and reenacts a murder scene on Lucifer in front of Chloe which is super hilarious and it made Chloe’s mind go crazy as she rolls up her eye.

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