Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Cast Real Age And Per Day Salary!

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Cast Real Age And Per Day Salary!

Hello guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. &TV’s popular and hit show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai is one of the best things on the Indian television right now. The show has garnered a lot of praise for being refreshing and is being appreciated for its funny characters, incredible comic timings, and hilarious story lines. Although the show has taken some inspiration from the 1995 hit show ‘Shrimaan Shrimati’, this show centers around two neighboring couples in Kanpur. Both the neighbors desperately try to woo each other’s better half, they devise schemes to impress each other’s wives.

Do you know how much the cast of the show earns per day? So Let’s Take A Look At Per Day Salary And Real Age Of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Actors!

1. Aashif Sheikh plays the role of  Vibhuti Narayan Ahuti Narayan Mishra who is an educated, but unemployed man. Despite being educated and intelligent, he doesn’t do a job because of his ego and laziness. Vibhuti is the married to Anita Mishra, but he has fallen for Angoori Tiwari. He is called “Nalla” (jobless) by the people of the locality.

2. Saumya plays the role of Anita Narayan Mishra, wife of Vibhuti Mishra. She is a modern lady who runs grooming classes in the city. She is ex- Miss Kanpur, she is a strong lady and can be dominating at times. The unemployment of her husband irritates her a lot. She is quite adventurous and romantic, often times she forces her husband to roleplay and perform various characters such as a thief, electrician to live out her fantasies.

3. Angoori Manmohan Tiwari is the simple, sweet, naive wife of Manmohan Tiwari. She loves her husband very much and often times performs various superstitious rituals for the success and prosperity of her husband. 

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4. He is a successful businessman who sells undergarments. He has fallen for the modern Anita Mishra. Tiwari is known to be a petty miser, but he is very cunning. He often tries to impress Anita.

5. Yogesh Tripati plays the role of the corrupt Daroga Happu Singh. Happu too has a secret crush on Anita Mishra, he calls Anita ‘Gori Mam’. He takes bribes from everyone in the name of ‘Nichawar’. He says that he takes bribe to feed his ‘pregnant wife’ and ‘nine kids’.


6. Anokhelal Saxena is an incredibly talented, very educated, genius, but crazy guy who likes to electrocute himself. His signature catchphrase is ‘I LIKE IT’ which he uses to express his madness. 

7. Tika Ram is an unemployed, uneducated, and dim-wit guy who always hangs out with his friends Tillu and Malkhan. 

8. He is the loving father of Angoori. He hates Tiwari because of his profession and likes Vibhuti. Bhoorey Lal is an alcoholic who is always ready to sip up a drink.

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9. Malkhaan is the best friend of Tika, he too is unemployed and dim-wit. They both always try to woo girls, but end up getting beaten by the girls or Happu Singh. Both guys try to make quick cash by taking up odd jobs like kidnapping or selling stolen items. 

10. Pelu is a mute rickshaw puller of Kanpur. He communicates with the other characters by passing them a message slip kept in his muffler.

11. Gulfam Kali is a courtesan of Kanpur who is infamous for her ‘Programmes’.

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