6 Biggest Mismatches In MMA And UFC History

Matchmaking can be a hard job in MMA. Trying to pair two equally skilled opponents can prove difficult and expensive so sometimes matchmakers don’t even try. Sometimes hard and determination can overcome skill, but most of the time it doesn’t. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page Humor Nation.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Biggest Mismatches In MMA And UFC History

1. Royce Gracie Vs Matt Hughes

In 2006, a fight was announced that nobody expected Royce Gracie versus Matt Hughes. Hughes was in prime form as the welterweight champion and had won all but one of his previous fights including a submission over George st. Pierre, Gracie on the other hand only had two wins in the past six years. The fight went as expected Hughes completely destroyed Gracie and almost submitted him with a straight armbar. The fight ended after Gracie tapped out to Hughes his elbow strikes in the first round. Royce hasn’t fought in the UFC since.

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2. Chael Sonnen Vs Jon Jones

After losing a fight at middleweight, Chael was given a light heavyweight title shot against Jon Jones at UFC 159. Jones considered one of the best fighters of all time was on an eight fight win streak while Chael was stopped via TKO in his last fight. The only reason Sonnen was given the title shot was based on his trash talking and ability to generate hype for a fight. The UFC saw a payday and made the match up, but Chael wasn’t able to back up the trash talking and was immediately taken down and elbowed into a predictable first round TKO loss. The most damage inflicted on Jones during the fight was by himself when he accidentally broke his toe.

3. James Toney Vs Randy Couture

10 Biggest Mismatches In MMA And UFC History

After annoying UFC president Dana White during countless interviews, former boxing champion James Toney was offered a fight against MMA legend Randy Couture. The fight was only put together to show that in an MMA fight boxing isn’t enough and that is exactly what happened. Couture immediately took him to the ground and Tony had no idea what to do. After a short time Randy secured an arm triangle and Tony was forced to tap out. James Toney hasn’t fought an MMA since.


4. Cris Santos Vs Jan Finney

Cris Cyborg Santos who had won her past nine fights in a row was matched against and Jan Finney at Strikeforce 2010. Ccyborg dominated Finney for the entire fight and even the commentators thought that the fight should be stopped. Cyborgs betting odds were -2000 which meant that if you bet $100 on her to win you would win five back. Finney on the other hand would net you over $1000 profit on only $100 bet, but odds exist for a reason and Cyborg finished Finney in the second round after a brutal beating.

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5. Nate Quarry Vs Rich Franklin

Nate Quarry was a contestant on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. He won two fights in the UFC against Shonie Carter and Pete Sell then was awarded a title shot against Rich Franklin at UFC 56. Quarry wasn’t ready for such a high level opponent at the time and was totally outclassed. Franklin broke his nose early in the fight and then delivered one of the best highlight reel knockouts in UFC history. Quarry was the first contestant of the Ultimate Fighter to receive a title shot and retired in 2010 with 12 wins and 4 losses.

6. Cain Velasquez vs Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva

Cain Velasquez was paired off with Antonio Silva at UFC 146. Cain busted off Bigfoot in a devastating fashion early in the first round with a short elbow. The entire Octagon was covered in the blood, it was really a bad mess for the janitors to clean up. Look at all that blood man that’s incredible how much blood that is nasty .

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