10 Billionaires Who Lost Everything!

If you had a billion dollars then what would you do with it? Surely you’d buy expensive cars, luxurious mansions, stylish clothes, that’s what billionaires do, right? But even if you buy all that stuff, you still probably be left with a ton of money at your disposal. But there are some people in the world, some billionaires who made a bad decision and they pretty much lost all their money. This article will surely help the future millionaires and billionaires to avoid making the mistakes these guys did. Don’t forget to like our page Humor Nation.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Billionaires Who Lost Everything!

10. Sean Quinn

10 Billionaires Who Lost Everything!

In 2008, he was known as Ireland’s richest man with a net worth of 6 billion dollars. He invested 2.8 billion dollars into the Anglo Irish Bank who were investing in Irish construction companies. Then the country’s property bubble burst. The bank lost huge losses and so did Quinn. The government nationalized the bank to save it wiping away all of Quinn’s investments. They then seized ownership of Quinn’s companies and forced him off the board leaving his family with less than 15,000 dollars across bank accounts.

9. Naruatsu Baba

Next up at number we have Naruatsu Baba. This Japanese businessman founded in Colopl in known for making some of the earliest mobile games in the country. The rise of the phone gaming sent the company soaring to new heights and by 2016, Baba had a net worth of 1.2 billion dollars. Then their flagship games of White Cat Tennis and White Cat Project started to lag in sales. Company shares fell 38% wiping over half a billion dollars off Baba’s net worth.

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8. Eike Batista

In 2012, he was the richest man in Brazil and 7th on the planet with an estimated worth of $ 35 billion. He amassed his fortune through Brazil’s natural resources mainly mining oil and gas. Disaster struck when one of his oil fields proved to have a lot less oil in it than originally thought. His investors lost confidence the company couldn’t keep up on its debt payments and by 2013, they filed for bankruptcy. In the space of a year his $35 billion worth is significantly smaller.

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