10 Most Weird Businesses Started and Owned by Women Entrepreneurs!

Hello folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation! Society is turning into an egalitarian society as far as business is concerned. Men and Women now possess equal rights and resources to show up their talents. Entrepreneurship is a very struggling area of business. Women have also taken up the charge to step into the era of entrepreneurship with great and bizarre ideas. Today, we will be having a glance over some businesses which are owned and started by women.

Gone are the days when ladies were viewed as no counterpart for every effective man in this world. The new age ladies over the world have defeated every single negative idea and have substantiated themselves certain in all circles of life including the most many-sided and bulky universe of entrepreneurship. Women have progressed significantly from simply being a homemaker. Many start-up friendly environment in the world and nation has turned out to be a gift for female business people and instrumental in battling sexual orientation stereotyping in the business group.

With the help of innovation technology and digital web, an ever increasing number of business visionaries and women entrepreneurships are currently taking their organizations on the internet. What’s more, as these women today make their essence felt in relatively every field, even in the digital media, there are numerous who have approached and encashed different chances to manufacture new thoughts.

With their online endeavors extending from web based e-commerce websites to media websites and journals, in the course of recent years, there are ladies who have become well known with their flexibility and inventiveness.

So, here is the list of 10 most bizarre business started and owned by women:

1. Suzanne Casamento created a fantasy dating app, with the idea of making virtual date more easily operable, with better graphics and better dating.

2. Business founded by Betty Funk is very funky. She created bags from seat belts. The name of the company is U.S.E.D.

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3. A lady from china named Kaufman, used to draw scriptures on Wisconsin cheese. Hence, she is now among the famous names who is invited to grand food fares.

4. Donna Alexander initiated the concept of Anger Room, where people can come and trash everything in order to calm down.

5. Maude Kelly started a business of spanking. Although, it sounds weird but it is true. She even train people for spanking.


6. In 1996, a woman started the business as The Other World Kingdom, where women are the rulers and men are the slaves. These kingdoms even have torture rooms.

7. Rebecca Rescate of New York introduced Litter Kwitter by Citikitty. This is a device which is used to train cats to use human toilets.

8. Lisa Campbell started a hair replacement business, where she manufactured extensions for bay girls.

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9. Kim Levine proposed the idea of molding pillows into bear shape so that snuggling is made more comfortable. The name is Wuvit.

10. Danita Harries started a business where she invented disposable underwears, which are quite similar to ordinary ones.

10 Most Bizarre Businesses Started and Owned by Women!

Stay tuned to Humor Nation.

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