Black Butler: Which Noah’s Ark Circus Member Are You?

Welcome to Humor Nation. If you have seen the third season of Black Butler or read Kuroshitsuji volumes then you know what Noah’s Ark circus is. It is actually a traveling circus consisting of talented stunt artists. And these artists or sort of orphaned kids refer to their patron AKA their financer as Father who is obsessed with Ciel.

Which Black Butler Circus Member Are You?

The first string members are all skilled in their individual acts and they have their separate private tents. They have their own meals unlike the second string members of the circus who have to even fight for their meals.

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The first string members of the Noah’s Ark circus includes Joker who performs the act of Pierrot. Then comes Jumbo who is known as the fire eater, he performs the act of fire breathing. Peter and Wendy, who are the flying Trapeze artists.

Dagger who is a Knife Thrower and is in love with Beast, she is an Animal Tamer. Then comes the Doll who is actually a girl who performs the Aerial Ballet, she befriends Ciel Phantomhive. And last, but not least comes Snake, as the name suggests, he is a Snake charmer.

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The Noah’s Ark Circus tours coincide with the missing Children matters. The Queen Victoria instructs Ciel to investigate the matter. As a result Ciel disguises himself as Smile along with Sebastian who takes the identity of Black join the Circus. Unknown to them, the reaper William T. Spears is also on a secret mission to reap the souls.

So Let’s Take A Look At Which Black Butler Circus Member are you?

So which Circus character are you? Share the snap of the result in the Facebook comments section.
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