10 Bollywood Actresses Who Married Younger Men

Hello! Welcome to Humor Nation. It has been an era of change. People have broken down the old rituals and myths. World has emerged into a stronger and more modern age. All  stereotypical thoughts have been denied. Earlier, women were expected to marry a man who was elder to them, but some Bollywood actresses set some new standards for the society. Let us know about them.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Bollywood Actresses Who Married Younger Men!

1. Namrata Shirodkar And Mahesh Babu

10 Bollywood Actresses Who Married Younger Men

Namrata holds the title of Miss Femina India. She is a brilliant actor, producer and a former model. She was the apple of the eyes of many people. Any guy in this world would have said yes to marry her, but she chose Mahesh Babu over all the guys. He is 2 years younger than her, still this couple is happily married and looks great together. Best of luck for your coming years.

2. Amrita Singh And Saif Ali Khan

Although their marriage didn’t work out. This story took a halt after 13 years and two kids, Sara and Ibrahim, but they were the couple where groom was 12 years younger than the bride. Later on Saif married Kareena Kapoor who is 10 years younger than him. Saif and Kareena had a cute baby this year – Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi.

3. Archana Puran Singh And Parmeet Sethi

Archana married Parmeet who is 7 years younger to her. This couple in spite of all factors  have a great chemistry and bond. This marriage is a successful love story of Indian cinema.

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4. Zarina Wahab And Aditya Pancholi

They have been together since 1986. They met on the set of a daily soap and got married to each other. Even with the age gap of 6 years this couple is living their life joyously.

5. Farah Khan And Shirish Kunder

This beautiful couple is binded with unconditional love. Both of them had not changed their love for each other since the marriage. They forget their ages while being with each other. They met on the sets of ‘Main Hoon Naa’, where Shirish was the editor and Farah was the director of the movie. With vows of marriage, they also took a self vow of remaining in love with each other forever. Till this very day in the history of Bollywood, this couple is one of the most amazing couple. They have a age difference of 8 years (while describing the love birds I forgot that too!).


6. Mehr Jessia And Arjun Rampal

Another hot couple recorded in the Bollywood. Both of the halves are heartthrobs of millions of people of India. This couple has been inseparable. They are more of the best friends than husband-wife. It has also been said that – They understand each other just by looking into the eyes (Filmy huhh!). Arjun is 2 years younger to Mehr. As a beautiful gift of their love , they have two gorgeous daughters- Mahikaa and Myra. This couple definitely top the couple goals list.

7. Shilpa Shetty And Raj Kundra

Diva of Indian Cinema and a smart, established man of India got married years ago. I am talking of Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra. Both of the halves have different domains of life, still they are unbeatable in understanding for each other. They have a cute son Viaan, a trophy of their love for each other. They have completed a long journey with each other and will complete a lot more if they keep the same sense of understanding and love. Best of Luck for more beautiful years ahead.

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8. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan And Abhishek Bachchan

This couple tops the couple goals list. Such a beautiful and mesmerizing couple. This couple has broke down all the stereotypes and got married to each other. Abhi-Aish is their couple name. The deep sense of love and understanding for each other has bounded them in a forever. They started dating while shooting for ‘Guru’. As the days passed by their love broke all the boundaries and started flying high. It would not be wrong if I say that, they don’t need a drink they are already high in love. As a compliment to their love, god sent an angel to their home as their daughter, Aaradhya. We wish them more loving years ahead.

9. Bipasha Basu And Karan Singh Grover

Bipasha faced a lot in her relationships. She never had any happy relationship before she met Karan in 2015. Bipasha has found a happily ever after in Karan Singh Grover. When they got married it was a huge affair of the time. They have a great fan following wishing for their happy and successful marriage. Bipasha was the most happy bride during her marriage ceremony. A so strong love bond they share that a mere age gap of 3 years hardly matters.

10. Nargis And Sunil Dutt

Nargis was on that set when it caught fire, Sunil rescued her and that led to a beautiful love story. These are not lines of a script, it’s a real story. Sunil Dutt and Nargis got married to each other in an era where even actresses had societal pressure. Their love was so strong that no norms of society held them separated from each other. This is an inspiring couple of all the time. They fought for their love story in a century where rituals and society and its norms were must. Everything is fair in love and war- This was love.

Apart from love, trust, understanding, nothing else matters for a happy marriage. All these are examples where age merely affected the people. They have given a new way for upcoming generations. They taught us true meaning of proverb- “Love comes in all shape, sizes and age”.

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