5 Bollywood Celebrities Insulted By Raaj Kumar

3. Raj Kapoor

Raj Kapoor once went to Raajkumar to offer him the role of a magician in the movie ” Mera Naam Joker” as he wanted to cast all big stars in his big project. Raajkumar rejected the role and told him to bring the better role of his standard from the next time onwards as he doesn’t like to do such small roles and he said that he doesn’t like to work with small actors like Manoj Kumar or Dharmendra. Raj Kapoor got furious and Raajkumar showed him his way out of the house. He also told Raj Kapoor to learn how to make films and then think of casting a hero like Raajkumar.

After ”Mera Naam Joker” flopped on box-office, Raajkumar made fun of Raj Kapoor and told him to do a course on filmmaking. After these incidents, there had been many incidents of their clashes. So rude of Raajkumar.

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4. Zeenat Amaan

Zeenat was a very talented actress back at that time and was no less than a dream girl for anyone. She met Raajkumar at a party where Raajkumar complimented her and told her that she was so pretty and vibrant. He told Zeenat to try her luck at Bollywood also, to this Zeenat replied that she already works in this industry for a long time. Raaj Kumar then made a comment by saying that he was mistaken as he never saw her in full dressed clothes in cinemas. To this, Zeenat felt insulted and went away. What a rubbish statement to make, what do you all have to say about this?

5. Govinda

While Govinda and Raaj Kumar were working together in a film an incident happened in which Raajkumar praised a shirt worn by Govinda on the sets of the film. Raaj Kumar liked his shirt a lot to which Govinda said that if he liked this shirt he can keep it with him. Raajkumar kept that shirt with him and Govinda was really happy as an actor like Raajkumar had kept his shirt with him.

Then one day Govinda noticed that Raaj Kumar had torn his shirt and converted it into a handkerchief and kept that in his pocket. After this incident, Govinda felt disheartened, which is very obvious from his side? How can anyone be so rude towards everyone?

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