Bollywood Celebrities Who Are 40+ And Are Still Not Married

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Not only Salman Khan, but there are also many other celebs in our industry who have crossed there 40s and are still not married. They are so happy with their life that they did not even bother getting married and are still living their bachelor life. So let’s start and discuss them.

So here is a list of those Bollywood celebs who are 40+ and still not married!

1. Rahul Bose (51)

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are 40+ And Are Still Unmarried

Rahul Bose is a very good actor and has given us some wonderful movies in the past like “Pyaar ke side effects” and more. He was also a rugby player earlier, but whenever he is asked that why he hasn’t married anyone, he only says that he is too ugly that is why he has no chicks.

2. Uday Chopra (45)

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are 40+ And Are Still Unmarried

Uday Chopra has been part of various films but out of all Dhoom series was the best. He even tried to be a director when failed as an actor but couldn’t do that, so now he is a producer. He is often linked with Nargis Fakhri but now as they have broken up, he has no plans for marriage now.


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3. Manish Malhotra (51)

Manish Malhotra is one of the top designers of Bollywood industry and in almost every occasion our celebs go to him to get a wonderful dress for themselves. Though he has reached the heights of his career, he still did not get married for once in his life.

4. Karan Johar (46)

Karan Johar is one of the most favorite personality of Bollywood industry and he has maintained his single status for almost his life now. He has never been linked up to any other person and he is very clear about his orientation now.

5. Akshay Khanna (43)

Akshay Khanna has worked for quite a long time in this industry and has given many hit movies too, but still, he couldn’t establish himself well in here as his father did. And Akshay Khanna also joins this list as he has never tied a knot and is proud of his single status.

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