Bollywood Movies That Were Leaked Before They Were Released

5. Mohalla Assi

You may not know much about this film but to make you understand in brief, this movie revolves around Varanasi and is full of abuses and expletive contents. This soon to release movie leaked online and many people already saw this movie by now.

6. Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab was 2016’s most controversial movie and censor board had to go through a lot of cuts to release this movie. But sadly this movie leaked just 4 days before the release, but still, this movie managed itself on the box-office.

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7. Sultaan

One of the biggest film till now that leaked online before the release date, but still who cares when it’s a Salman Khan movie. It was still a blockbuster movie and earned crores, perks of being a megastar.

8. Great Grand Masti

Great Grand Masti also suffered a tragedy when it leaked online and was downloaded and seen by many. The makers had to suffer a great loss due to this leak and the movie was got delayed.

9. Raaz Reboot

Emraan Hashmi’s horror romantic movie leaked online and a major number of people saw that movie and this happened just 3 days before the release. The makers came out in public and also the actors and requested all to watch it on screen rather than online.

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