10 Famous Bollywood Stars And Their Successful Side Professions!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Celebs of Bollywood always wins heart by their actions but have many more qualities too and interests also. Whatever we see onscreen, it is just a dramatical acting not reality. The story may be real but not the characters. But in their real life, many celebs follow their side business and earning money and profit from them also. Some are entrepreneurs, designers, businessmen etc. They are managing both professions gracefully. Females are equally participating in their side interest and making their dreams come true. They are investing more and more to earn more and develop more. Here are some of the celebs who have their side profession also.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Famous Bollywood Stars And Their Successful Side Professions!

10. Bobby Deol

A famous Indian actor who also works as an occasional DJ. It was reported that Bobby made his debut as a DJ at a Delhi nightclub in 2016.

9. Madhuri Dixit

Acting as well as dancing Queen of Bollywood has started her online academy of dance, Dance with Madhuri. This is recently launched which made her passion and talent in the profession.

8. Sunil Shetty

He is a successful businessman, apart from their acting skills. He owns many restaurants and nightclub for youngsters. Sunil Shetty also has his production house named as Popcorn Entertainment.

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7. Lara Dutta

Lovely lady, former Miss Universe from India is brilliant in his acting also in his comic timing. She herself started his production house, Bheegi Basanti. Later on, she started saree collection. With collaboration with Chabbra 555.

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