10 Successful Bollywood Stars Who Were Rejected Earlier For Their Looks

Welcome to Humor Nation. Bollywood is like an ocean of talent and potential, one cannot imagine how many amazing artists try to make it in Bollywood every day. But it’s a known fact that it’s the looks which sell more than the talent. There are thousands of struggling actors in the Mumbai city who fail to make it to the silver screen due to the cut throat competition.

You guys might not know that the Bollywood stars who are famous and successful today were rejected earlier for their looks, but they still made it through their hard work. They never gave up and managed to shut all their critics. They fulfilled their dreams and aspirations despite being told they could never do it.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Successful Bollywood Stars Who Were Rejected Earlier For Their Looks!

10. Konkona Sen Sharma

The actress faced a lot of rejections for many production houses because of her dusky looks. But Konkona kept trying and never took the rejections seriously. It was her sheer hard work and amazing acting talent which brought her success in the Bollywood.

9. Katrina Kaif

When she was trying to make a career in Bollywood, she was rejected in her earlier days and was told that her looks were “Too Firangi”. Many producers called her too foreign and believed she could never make it in the film industry, but Katrina Kaif proved them wrong.

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8. Ajay Devgn

10 Successful Bollywood Stars Who Were Rejected Earlier For Their Looks

The Singham of Bollywood was also denied opportunities for his looks. He was told that a career in Bollywood is not his cup of tea, but look at him now!

7. Anushka Sharma

Could you imagine that Anushka was told that her looks were too plain for the film industry? Now she is a successful actress, a producer, and a businesswoman.

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