Bollywood Stars Who Regretted Doing Their Own Film

5. Govinda (Kill/Dil)

Lately, Govinda has regretted doing various films and one of them is Kill/Dil. He was already nervous about his negative role but he did it as he thought he had no choice but to accept that offer in order to kick-start his career again. But however, it did nothing better and left him with lots of regrets.

6. Aamir Khan (Mela)

Aamir Khan is known as Mr. Perfectionist for a reason but during the initial days of his career, he was also not that perfect. Aamir did a movie named “Mela” as he expected it to be a hit but it was a super flop film which somewhere deteriorated his previous records and he surely hates doing that movie.

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7. Saif Ali Khan (Humshakals)

Even the audience regretted watching this movie and spending money on it, so surely the actors must have died watching their own film. Saif Ali Khan himself said that he always wished of shunning this film away as it is his career’s worst decision.

8. Rahul Bose (Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam)

Rahul Bose once said after doing this movie that he used to wake with lots of sweat due to his wrong choices in movies. I guess it was his worst movie and that too with Mallika Sherawat, so surely a bad decision.

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