Can You Survive In The World Of The Vampire Diaries?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Everyone has been fascinated by the vampires! Vampires have appeared in the pop culture big time, they have been the subject of numerous movies, TV series, and video games. They are the magically reanimated corpses of the deceased person which are inhabited by their spirits. They resemble like the living human being as they were before their transformation to the vampire. After becoming a vampire they could also transform the other humans into the vampires by sharing their own blood with them. TVD has a variety of supernatural species such as the vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids, and a lot more. It was revealed to us that the vampires in the TVD universe were created by the Witches.

Can You Survive Being A Vampire In The Vampire Diaries?

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Any human who has consumed the vampire blood in any way such as by drinking it, having the blood being injected in their body, or having the blood poured on their open wound and having died with V blood in their system will transform into a vampire. But the final transition will be completed only after the person consumes human blood even if it is just a sip’s worth within the next 24 hours or else they will die. A Vampire could only feed on blood, it’s their only diet. They crave it much more than anything else. Rebekah explained this is because of the immortality spell which was cast by Esther to create the originals.

So Take The Quiz And Find Out If You Can Survive In The World Of The Vampire Diaries?

So did you find out that you could survive? If you could be any species in the TVD universe then who would you choose to be and why so? Also, who’s your favorite Vampire in TVD Universe and why so?
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