Can You Survive In The World Of ‘LUCIFER’?


Welcome to Humor Nation. Netflix’s Lucifer is the devil, the rules of the hell who controls the hell, while Lucifer can easily walk through the fire without a scratch. Make no mistake, the show has a devoted fandom that too would walk through literal hell for the sake of the show. How can you not love Lucifer? That devil is charming, handsome, and funny. The show has amazing characters and a refreshing story-line which makes it a must watch television.

Can You Survive In The World Of 'LUCIFER'?

How Well Do You Remember Lucifer Season 5 Finale ‘Spoiler Alert’?

But even the best of shows have their flaws and even Lucifer has faults too. The show has made some very obvious contradictions and mistakes that might not sit well with the hardcore fans. Note that these oversights in no way spoil the awesomeness of crime solving due of the Detective and Devil. But as a fan and a critics of TV shows, it’s always fun to search for errors in the television. For example, the police work of Lucifer. It is very obvious that when you work the devil, you do it the devil’s way. The rules will be mend, limits will be surpassed, and we know sometimes it’s hard for Chloe to control her partner. But what doesn’t make sense is why doesn’t anyone at the upper higher-ups position in the Police department hold Lucifer responsible for his reckless investigation style. We have seen him use his powers and even illegal ways to conduct an investigation.

Can You Survive In The World Of 'LUCIFER'?

Lucifer has gone through an immense transformation in the show. His experience with Chloe has changed him. The devil retired from Hell’s warden, but he can’t stop being a Punisher. We have seen Lucifer describe how he has punished several souls in hell. Do you think you can survive in the world of the devil?

So Take This Quiz And Find Out If You Can Survive In The World Of ‘LUCIFER’?

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