7 Celebrities With Unusual And Rarest Conditions

4. Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon with lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder. Back in 2012, he was diagnosed with lupus kidney disease, he went to the doctor after he noticed his knees began to swell during New Year’s Eve vacation in Aspen. One symptom of lupus is that you’re always tired, he also has some setbacks regarding his health including kidney failure and blood clots in his lungs. Like I said this is an autoimmune disease, but he is the only one in his family to have it. He said that over time he’s realized that it’s something he can live with and actually overcome with proper research and the right support system.

3. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is also another celebrity who has come out as suffering with this disease. The actress and singer didn’t accept her disease until it became life threatening to her. Selena received a kidney transplant from her best friend Francia Raisa.

2. Venus Williams

Venus Williams with Sjogren’s syndrome. This is an autoimmune disorder where white blood cells attack of moisture glands. Symptoms usually include having a dry mouth and eyes, but if things really take a turn for the worst it can affect your kidneys, central nervous system, blood vessels, liver, lungs and pancreas. This can also result in joint pain and being really tired. Unfortunately back in 2011, Williams had to put her health first and she was withdrawn from the US open due to this illness, but she was able to return the following year.

And early diagnosis and treatment are very important for preventing complications with this disease. But reaching a diagnosis is often difficult and usually on average will take anywhere from four to seven years. But in the SSF launched
something called the five-year breakthrough goal which plans to shorten the time to diagnose Sjogren’s by 50% in five years.

1. Michael J Fox

Michael J Fox is best known for his work in the ‘Back To The Future’ trilogy. Unfortunately he suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is a degenerative disorder of the nervous system. Outward signs can be shaking, slurred speech, and difficulty in walking. Now Michael J Fox was diagnosed in 1991, he then withdrew from the acting industry around ten years later. Obviously this is very sad, but there’s a silver lining, Fox became an ambassador for Parkinson’s. He even set up the Michael J. Fox foundation in 2010. Since then he has raised 450 million dollars for the Parkinson’s disease research which is incredible.

Well there you have it, the list of celebrities with the rarest conditions. Thank you guys so much for reading, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Feel free to share your views and opinions with us.

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