10 Famous Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Were Adopted

Welcome to Humor Nation. A lot of celebrities around the globe make the headlines and prime time news when they adopt babies. But did you know that a lot of these famous stars were also once adopted? Shocked? Well, get ready for some surprising revelations that will change everything that you know about these stars.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Famous Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Were Adopted!

10. Marilyn Monroe

10 Famous Celebrities That You Didn't Know Were Adopted

One of the most iconic and sexy stars of all time Norma Jeane Mortenson aka Marilyn Monroe was adopted when Marilyn’s mother couldn’t afford to take care of her. She moved in with Aunt Grace, but when aunt grace also couldn’t take care of her she was sent to a foster home and from there Marilyn moved from various orphanages and foster homes until she turned 16. That is when she was released and went on to becoming one of the super stars of her time.

9. Ray Liotta

American Actor, Producer Ray Liotta didn’t know who his biological parents were until he was in his 40s. This Goodfellas Star was adopted by New Jersey Couple Mary and Alfred Liotta when he was 6 months old. As a young child Liotta knew that he was adopted and even did a report on it when he was in kindergarten. In the early 2000s He hired a private investigator to find his birth parents and successfully tracked them down.

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8. Nelson Mandela

10 Famous Celebrities That You Didn't Know Were Adopted

The father of the nation aka his Excellency Nelson Mandela was adopted when he was 9 years old by Chief Jongintaba Dalindyebo, the acting regent of the Thembu people. Mandela’s father died of Lung cancer in 1927, causing his life to change dramatically. According to reports Mandela’s biological father had recommended Jongintaba to be made chief and as a return favor, he took care of Little Nelson after his father’s demise.

7. Truman Capote

Legendary American Author and creator of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and ‘In Cold blood’. Truman Capote was adopted by his mother’s relatives when he was four years old. Capote’s parents didn’t get along after marriage and got divorced when he was four. For his better future Capote’s mother decided to send him to her relatives. According to his biography, It was his loneliness that inspired him to become a writer during his move away from his parents.

6. Jamie Foxx 

American actor, singer and comedian Eric Marlon Bishop famously known as Jamie Foxx was adopted and raised by his mother’s parents. When Foxx was just 7 months old his parents got divorced and he was sent to his maternal grandparents Esther and Mark Talley. According to Jamie, he had no contact with his parents whatsoever and he firmly believes that his grandparents are the reason for all his success and achievements.


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