Suicide Cases Of Famous Celebrities That May Sound Super Weird

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. “Suicide”- How many of us fear the word? Well, I expect a good count. Suicide is the thing of cowards. Not everyone gets a good life but everyone gets problems. Some couldn’t face it for longer and attempt killing.

These are a few known names who opted for suicide. Some were just failed attempts whereas some actually took away the stars.

9. Elton John – Gas Himself

Elton John hosted a failed killing attempt. He lowered the temperature of an oven and stuck his head in it. Also, he opened all the doors and windows. Though he had a serious intention, his actions were quite funny.

Suicide Cases Of Famous Celebrities That May Sound Super Weird

8. Brad Pitt – Death Hoax

This was actually a virus that entered the facebook profile of users. It had a news link that Brad Pitt shot himself and his marriage with Angelina dissolved. Surely, this was fake.

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7. Michael Jackson – Trial Suicide Hoax

Jackson’s untimely demise was a shock for everyone. The time this link showed up and claimed to have his last words. Sooner revealed, it was just a planned hoax.

6. Mel Gibson – Suicide By Cop

Everyone knows about Gibson’s controversial cases with the cops, that ruined his career too. But, one of his friends said Gibson just tolerated all those tortures by the cop as he expected him to shoot. He was just tired of his life.

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