Chamkaur Battle: Where 40 Sikhs Soldiers Fought 10 Lakh Mughals

Welcome to Humor Nation. On December 22, 1704, on the banks of river Sirsa, a historic battle was fought between the Sikhs and the Mughals at Chamkaur, which is famous in the history of “Battle of Chamkaur”. In this war, 40 Sikhs, under the leadership of the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Govind Singh Ji, had to face 10 lakh Mughal soldiers led by Wazir Khan. Wazir Khan wanted to catch Guru Gobind Singh Ji alive in any aspect because, despite Guru’s efforts, Guru Gobind Singh was not accepting the subordination of the Mughals. One Sikh

Chamkaur Battle: Where 40 Sikh Soldiers Fought 10 Lakh Mughals

Chamkaur Battle: Where 40 Sikhs Soldiers Fought 10 Lakh Mughals

In the last battle of Anandpur in May 1704, the army of several Mughal rulers surrounded Anandpur Sahib for six months. They had the thought that when the ration-water in Anandpur Sahib will end, then the Guru himself will accept the submission of the Mughals. But this was the disillusionment of the Mughals, when the ration-water was over in Anandpur Sahib, one night Guru Gobind Singh Ji left with Anandpur Sahib with all his companions.

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Gurudev Ji proceeded with his forty-four Sikhs and reached the garden outside Chamkaur, a field outside till the afternoon. The locals welcomed Gurudev Ji. Gurudev was planning to fight the infamous Mughal army with the power of forty disciples. Gurudev Ji held a mausoleum in Attalika above the Kachi Garhi (Haveli).

As soon as the flow of rainwater was reduced, the Mughal army crossed over like grasshoppers and reached the field of Chamkaur chasing Gurudev Ji. Seeing this, they surrounded the fortress of Gurudev Ji. The Mughal generals were informed by the villagers that Gurudev Ji had only forty soldiers. So they started dreaming of Gurudev Ji being arrested.

The Nawab of Sirhind, Wazir Khan, gave a proclamation as soon as dawn that if Gurudev Ji handed him over to the Mughal administration including his associates, his life could be saved. In response to this procession, Gurudev Ji attacked the Mughal forces with arrows.

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At this time, about 10 million Mughal army forces fought with forty army fighters. Gurudev Ji said that one Sikh will fight hundred and fifty lakh, Mughal soldiers. There was a fierce battle in Garhi. Seeing Gurudev getting entangled badly by the Mughals, his soldiers prayed for them to get out from there, which they believed. On leaving Gurudev from there, a Sikh named Jeevan Singh, wearing Gurudev’s costume, attacked the Mughals. 35 Sikhs were killed in this fierce battle. Mughals thought that Gurudev was killed but soon it became clear that Govind Singh had left the place.

This was a close affair for the Mughals. Even after the entire Mughal power of Kanpur, Lahore, Delhi, and Sirhind encroached upon seven months of Anandpur, neither Guru Gobind Singh could capture or accept his subordination with the Sikhs. Lakhs of rupees spent on the public exchequer. Thousands of soldiers were killed in the army but the Mughals could not achieve success in their goal.

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