Chattrapati Sambhaji Maharaj: Who Refused To Bow Down Before Aurangzeb And Convert To Islam

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Story Of Chattrapati Sambhaji Maharaj

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Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj is the eldest son of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his mother died when he was only two years old, so his grandmother Jeejabai took care of him. He was a very talented kid and by the age of thirteen, he knew thirteen different languages like Sanskrit, Portuguese, British English, Mughal language, the south Indian language, Deccan language etc. And He wrote many Shastra’s at such a tender age and was also equipped with the skills of archery, armory, bodybuilding and horse riding.

He won his first battle at the age of sixteen and after that, his father took him in every war he went. Once Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj accompanied Chattrapati Sambhaji Maharaj on his journey to meet the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. When they reached there they got imprisoned by Aurangzeb without any reason, but however, with the help of Chattrapati Sambhaji everyone got rescued and ran away. Then Sambhaji learned about politics to plot such emperors, but he couldn’t do it alone so he appointed Kavi Kailash as his chief counselor to let him know everything.

When Shivaji died in the year 1681, Sambhaji took all the responsibility of his family and throne and plotted many plans to win over the enemy. He successfully robbed and destroyed Aurangzeb’s Aurangabad fort. This increased the tensions between Marathas and Mughals more. In the year 1681, Akbar ( Aurangzeb’s fourth son) went to join the Muslim rebels in the Deccan and when Akbar went to seek refuge with Sambhaji after the rebels got defeated, Maratha ministers Annaji Datto and Pingale tried to go against Sambhaji with the help of Akbar.


But Akbar told Sambhaji everything and Annaji and Pingale were executed for conspiracy. After that Akbar stayed with Sambhaji for five years so that he could get some money and men but Sambhaji refused to do so and then later helped him flee to Persia. After this many Plans were plotted by Aurangzeb against Sambhaji in order to siege the Maratha but all failed ( including their explosive mines and wooden towers to capture all).

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During the Battle of Wai in the year 1687, Maratha lost against the Mughal forces with the help of Sambhaji’s own family relations and Sambhaji along with Kavi Kailash got captured and from here started the story of torture and humiliation of both Sambhaji and Kavi Kailash. Sambhaji never expected that his own family and brother Rajaram would betray him so badly. Aurangzeb made them march in the town of Bahadurgarh with clown clothes and then he was forced to convert himself to Islam.

When he refused to do so, Sambhaji was made to run with gauntlets and he was all bleeding but still, he refused to turn into Islam and listening to this Aurangzeb ordered to take out his tongue. Even when his tongue was cut out, he wrote in a paper that he still won’t convert himself into Islam even if he bribed his daughter to him. This angered Aurangzeb and tortured Sambhaji and his body was cut into pieces and thrown into the river. Some say that his body was fed to the dogs rather than being thrown into the river.

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