Very Effective, Trusted, And Inexpensive Beauty Secrets

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Welcome to Humor Nation. ‘Beautiful’ is considered the king of compliments and would successfully hold its legacy in the future years too. Though philosophies favor the inner beauty, paradoxically! a beautiful face always adds up to your worth.

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For those considering beauty an expensive myth or a distant dream, here are some tips to get you flawless skin with not much effort but proper consistency.


Water holds the top position in the list of cheapest and most feasible beauty hacks. Drinking 8 ounces of water gets you a toxin-free body with no efforts.


Lemon is the miracle ingredient found in all kitchens. A new saying is “A lemon a day keeps skin problems away.” Add lemon to your face or hair packs to experience beauty like never before.


Red roses are the most generous for sharing its beauty with everything around. Roses and rose-water are used for beauty for ages. Regular cleansing with rose-water adds up to the glow you have always desired for.


India has always been known for its natural resources and its creative usage well for certain purposes. Fuller’s earth is the cheapest product commonly found at all general stores in India. A fuller’s earth face mask helps fight pimples and skin tightening too.

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okay! this is an imported trick. The Yao women in china who stand as beauty idols for their hair and flawless skin and their secret is rice water. Rice water is rich in vitamins and can be used to get long hair and healthy skin the basics to add up to your beauty.


Aloe vera plant adds up not only to the beauty of your physique but also facilitates your interior designs. Aloe vera gel extracted from the leaves would help you get that shiny hair and pimple-free skin you have always desired for. Confused about choosing the right Aloe Vera gel for your skin? Well, Globo Surf has compiled a list of ten best Aloe Vera Gels that you can choose from for your needs. Take a look at Globo Surf


It’s hard to imagine delicious food without tomato and beauty hacks without it too. A raw tomato consume every morning will get a pinkish glow on your cheeks, and maybe would reduce your make up costs too. XD


Turmeric is the beauty secret of kings and queens. It has a history as well. Turmeric taken with milk and warm water helps clear out harmful toxins leaving your body soft, supple, fair, and glowing.

Enough of taunts for your face, its time to own the personality you desire for. Do try these tricks and witness a miracle in just a few days.


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