Some Continuity Errors In The Originals That Fans Missed

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. There’s hardly any show in existence that has not committed continuity errors. Every show at some point is bound to commit a mistake in its writing where the elements of the storyline or the events of the timeline are not consistent or do not match. However, the fans aren’t always cognizant of them, most of the time it flies over their radar. Originals is the spin-off of the Vampire Diaries that really turned up a notch when it came to storylines, making them more mature, departing from the romantic elements such as love triangles which made TVD a hit. It focused more on politics among the different Supernatural factions in New Orleans with the backdrop of the Mikaelson Family.

So Take A Look At Some Continuity Errors In The Originals That Fans Missed


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Among the Mikaelson siblings, Finn Mikaelson is the one who has been daggered for the most amount of time. For nearly 900 years he was daggered and placed in a box. However, he is reawakened in Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries where we see him communicating in English which doesn’t make sense. As the family hailed from Norway, they must speak the Norwegian Language. Even if they moved to the present day ‘Mystic Falls’, we can assume that English wasn’t the popular language back in the 10th & 11th centuries, Native American and Spanish would have been the prevalent languages. Still, we see in the flashbacks, the Mikaelson Family can be seen communicating in Modern Day English. Even if English was spoken back then, it should have the Old English, not the present-day modern one. The reasonable explanation is that the Mikaelsons communicate in English for the sake of the viewers as all the actors aren’t familiar with any old language to speak in.


Some Continuity Errors In The Originals That Fans Missed
The CW

In the Season 3 Episode ‘Behind The Black Horizon’, Lucien had witches prepare a spell through reverse engineering the Originals’ spell used by Esther. This is an upgraded spell that utilizes the venom from seven different werewolf packs. Lucien had taken Freya and Vincent to the woods in Mystic Falls, the same land where Originals were born. He refuses to assist Lucien in his evil ways, but the Ancestors force Vincent in helping out Lucien. The Ancestors are even able to daze off Vincent. But it doesn’t make sense as they are located in Mystic Falls where Ancestors shouldn’t have any dominion. Ancestors can only control as long one is within the New Orleans boundary.


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