Coronavirus Or Flu Or Common Cold- Know The Difference Now

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Coronavirus or most commonly known as COVID-19 is spreading at a rapid rate in the country. At first glance, it is difficult to understand what are we suffering from as the symptoms are quite common as flu or common cold. But we need to be careful and rush to the doctors immediately. Generally, this new coronavirus affects our lower respiratory tract and we might not get a sore throat but we can surely get dry cough and short breaths.

Coronavirus Or Flu Or Common Cold- Know The Difference Now

Initially, we may not identify the symptoms because there were cases when the infected person showed no symptoms of the virus. According to the reports released by Robert Koch Institue, it takes 14 days as an incubation period. If you aren’t sure then you must visit a doctor as they can check the presence of any respiratory virus in your system through phlegm sample.

Symptoms of the new Coronavirus

A. Common symptoms are:

– Fever

-Shortness of breath

-Dry Cough


-Aching muscles

B. Less complicated Coronavirus symptoms:




-Phlegm Buildup

-Runny Nose

-Sore Throat

Does wearing a mask help prevent the virus?

Coronavirus Or Flu Or Common Cold- Know The Difference Now

No wearing a mask doesn’t actually help prevent coronavirus as they’re not actually airborne, they are actually transmitted through smear infection or droplets. Therefore it is always good if we maintain a distance from the infected person and wash our hands with hot water and soap.

Unknown And Must Know Facts About The Trending Viral Coronavirus!

How to know whether you have flu or cold or COVID-19?

Sometimes even a doctor may get confused with what you’re suffering from. But if we make a comparison, flu hits you at once with a dry cough, limb ache, hoarse voice, high fever up to 105-degree celsius. While in cold you get a runny nose, scratchy throat, and cough.

Symptoms of Flu:

-Muscle ache

-High fever




-Dry phlegm


-Swollen lymph nodes

Coronavirus Or Flu Or Common Cold- Know The Difference Now

Symptoms of Common Cold:


-Runny nose




-Watery eyes

-Throat irritation

Right now we must be very careful with all these symptoms because right now in India the total cases of coronavirus have increased up to 73 and the numbers will keep on increasing if we do not take good care of ourselves and be careful with everything. We should avoid contact with any sort of infected person and also avoid eating food from outside. And it would be in the best of your interest if you avoid traveling also unless its an emergency.

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