5 Famous Crime Cases Cracked by Forensic Psychologists!

Hey guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Here are some famous crime cases in which psychologists helped the police to catch the criminal. The reason police takes the help of a psychologist in crime cases is because of their expertise, they can understand and decode the way the mind of a criminal works. Psychologically they can understand how a killer functions, how he chooses his victims, they plot the crimes, and are able to predict the place where the next crime would occur. This is how some of the biggest cases of the era got solved. Welcome back to Humor Nation. Let us read about some famous crime cases that were cracked by psychologists.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Famous Crime Cases Cracked By Psychologists That Prove Solving Case Is A Mind Game!

1. “Hannibal”- The Silence of The Lambs

This film is based on the novel by Thomas Harris and is about reading the mind of a serial killer. In the starting, FBI Agent Clarice starling is given a task to interview Hannibal to read the mind of the criminal. It is Hannibal that lets Clarice solve the mystery and capture the criminal who is a tailor who is skinning his victims. The name of the killer in this movie was “Buffalo Bill”. Her actions resulted in not only saving the victim, but also protecting future victims.

2. Joseph Paul Franklin

He had a great effect on himself after reading the Adolf Hitler. His real name was James Clayton Vaughan Jr. But just to honor evangelists and the Nazi he changed his name to Joseph Paul Franklin. Franklin had started the race war in 1977. He use to dwell in the east coast of US and kill all those are inferior to him, especially black and Jews. He firebombed several synagogues. After careful profiling, the psychologists from FBI BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit), circulated information of Joseph Paul Franklin to blood banks . It was an assumption that he would try to sell his blood to make money. And the assumption hit the mark. He was caught by a blood bank while selling blood. He had murdered at least 15 people.

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3. New York’s Mad Bomber

During 1940 to 1956, over 30 small bombs were planted in New York city. And police was unsuccessful during these 16 years to catch the culprit. Finally they took the help of a psychiatrist James Brussel to provide the breakthrough and read the case. After careful analysis of the case. James provided some clues about the criminal. He stated the this is a man in his 50’s. He is resident of the Connecticut and is upset from the company for not giving him the salary he deserved. James told the police that the person is also unmarried and when caught the criminal would be wearing a double breasted jacket with buttons nicely done. Everything that James told the police came true when the police arrested George Metesky.


4. Machine Gun “Kelly”

5 Famous Crime Cases Cracked by Forensic Psychologists!

During the prohibition era – when alcohol was banned in United States, all gangs decided to take up the alcohol industry. George Kelly famously known as machine gun kidnapped an oil tycoon Charles F. Urschel. After a ransom of $200,000, Charles was released. Even being  blindfolded Charles kept mental note of everything. He even left his fingerprints wherever he could. He heard the noises of aircrafts and kept this in memory. After being released he shared all this to the police and psychiatrist. After carefully analyzing Machine gun Kelly was caught in his home. He then died in jail.

5. The Vampire Rapist – John Crutchley

In 1985, a driver found a handcuffed women who had lost 40 percent of her blood. She took police to the house of an IT engineer John Crutchley who lived with his wife and child. The woman stated to the police that John had tortured her before injuring her. He drank her blood saying he is a vampire. At that time he was alone in the house. After investigation, police found his house where they also found troves of BDSM props, dozens of women necklaces, hair clips, and equipments that could be used to drain blood. He was then arrested. Police tried to link John to 30 murder cases happened there, but failed to create the proof. The court allowed the criminal psychologist Robert Husserl for John’s case and after his confirmation he was marked as criminal and had sentenced for prison for 25 years.

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