Crime Patrol Special: Johnny Sins Teams Up With Anup Soni

Hey guys! How are you doing? Welcome to Humor Nation. Today we will be talking about one of the most exceptional and extraordinary shows in the history of Indian television, Crime Patrol. Crime Patrol which is focused on making the citizens awake to the crimes happening all around us. This show is a must watch the show because not only does it highlight the crimes that have been happened in India, but also teaches the viewers how they can prevent such crimes. It provides the strength to the common people and a solution to battle such injustice and crimes. This show portrays the truth of cases and widens your brain to think a bit in an unexpected way. It upgrades your senses to be more alert and mindful in any circumstance. Watch out on the off chance that you are ending up so dependent on the show. At whatever point you are accomplishing something or your relative is accomplishing something, on the off chance that you utilize the exchanges of wrongdoing watch for the circumstance then you have to realize that you have a fixation of Crime Patrol.

But you have to be very careful because this show is very addictive and there’s a big chance that you might end up getting addicted to it.


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‎Anup Soni is an amazing person, almost everyone in India is familiar with his face. But he can also serve as an awesome counselor. On the off-chance that you wind up in a bad position at that particular moment, you should recall his precious advice and statements. Without a doubt, this will help you. More than the show, fans always follow the advice and word of Anup Soni. Today we will be bringing you a special episode of Crime Patrol featuring Johnny Sins!

So Let’s Take A Look At What Would Have Happened If Johnny Sins Starred In An Episode Of Crime Patrol With Anup Soni.

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And here’s the second part of the special crime patrol episode featuring Johnny Sins In Johnny Ki Zarurat.

Don’t forget to catch the next episode of the show featuring Johnny Sins on 19th February, at 5:00 PM only on Humor Nation.

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