5 Crimes That Are Inspired By Crime Patrol

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Crime Patrol is a Hindi crime reality TV series. The show is based on the motto that crime never pays, the show features the dramatized version of crimes that have actually occurred in India. The anchor of the show then tells the viewers how they can take right measures to prevent crimes. It is a great show because it actually features the reenactment of actual crimes that happened. It also suggests the audiences how they can fight such crimes.

The show makes the audiences aware of the crimes and dreadful incidences that happens around them. Not only does the show help in creating awareness about crime prevention, but it also helps the tragic victims. It provides immense strength to the people. This show presents the actual reality of crime cases and broadens the audiences’ minds to be aware and awake. Crime Patrol urges the people to be aware and alert all the times. However there are some unfortunate incidents where crimes have been committed and the inspiration for these crimes came from the show.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Crimes That Are Inspired By Crime Patrol!

1. Kidnapping Of A 10-Year Old Boy.

5 Crimes That Are Inspired By Crime Patrol

Dilip Kumar, 32 years old man from Bihar took serious lessons on kidnapping by watching the show Crime Patrol. He works in a clothing industry and earns around Rs. 5000-6000 per month, but at that time he was only earning Rs. 3000 due to off season. Dilip was addicted to Crime Patrol. After all his research, he kidnapped Rudraksh Shetty, a 10-year-old boy who studies in fifth standard. Dilip got friendly with the boy, lured him using a chocolate, and then took his father’s number. He called the child’s father and asked for a ransom of Rs. 10,000, the boy’s father took the help of the Police who then traced Dilip and arrested him.

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2. Killing A 11th Standard Student.

5 Crimes That Are Inspired By Crime Patrol

A student of Delhi University took some murder lessons from the show. He along with his two friend murdered a class 11th student who was trying to woo his girl friend. Naveen, student of first year BA, was jealous of 17 years old Jatin who was trying to become friends with his girlfriend. Naveen along with his friends, Akash and a minor kid, they invited Jatin to eat some samosas with them. Then they took Jatin to a farmhouse and strangulated him to his death.

When Jatin did not return his home, his parents continuously tried reaching him by calling, but the accused ignored the calls. He later spoke to the parents, pretending to be a kidnapper, he demanded a Rs. 20 Lakh ransom to set Jatin free. The police team tracked the phone and found Jatin’s scooter. They viewed the CCTV footage and identified three guys on a bike. Ultimately Akash was picked up by the police for questioning and he confessed everything.


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