5 Crimes That Are Inspired By Crime Patrol

3. Kidnapping And Murder Of A 12-Year-Old Boy

A shocking crime that happened in Hyderabad where a B.Com student kidnapped a 12 years old boy after getting inspiration from the crime show. Munner failed to execute his kidnapping so he killed the boy named Mohammed Uroozuddin by throttling him. Through the CCTV footage the police identified the victim with Munner on a two wheeler. He planned on demanding a ransom of Rs. 50 lakh, but got scared so he killed the kid.

4. Murder Of A 13-Year-Old Boy

19 years old Narendra along with his 18 years old neighbor Mukesh Mochi took the 13 years old Bhavesh Jain to a field and strangled him to death, and buried him. Bhavesh Jain aka Aditya Jain, son of a Mumbai based businessman had come to Hadecha village to stay with his uncle. When Bhavesh’s sister called him on his phone, Narendra answered the phone and demanded Rs. 5 Lakh for the boy. Bhavesh’s body was discovered a week later by stray dogs. Another threat call made to a Jeweller helped the police crack the case and arrest Narendra and Mukesh.

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5. Son Kills Father With Mother’s Help

A minor was arrested along with his mother for the murder of his father. The 14 years old planned the murder of his father after watching many episodes of crime shows like Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India. The deceased father, Upendra, had a cloth factory, he used to torture the kid and his mom. He planned the murder of his father to take over his business. The 14-year-old killed his dad brutally using a rod.

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