The Curse of Kohinoor Diamond! The Diamond That Kills!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Kohinoor which means mountain of light is a colorless diamond which was discovered in the minds of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, somewhere in the 13th century. It was the biggest diamond ever known to mankind during that time. Currently this diamond is embedded in the Queen Mother’s ground. Governments of India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan have all claimed its ownership of this diamond, but the UK government has denied it stating that it was obtained legally. So why is there so much fuss over a single diamond?

The Curse of Kohinoor Diamond! The Diamond That Kills!

So Let’s Take A Look At The Curse of Kohinoor Diamond! Truth Or Myth?

Let us try to understand the importance and the mysteries revolving around this diamond. Kohinoor has rich history behind it. Though it is generally believed that this diamond was discovered in 13th century during the Kakatiya dynasty rule. There are scholars who dispute the saying that the diamond was discovered in the 16th century in Golconda. Kohinoor was taken by a loud then kill ji whose army defeated the Kakatiya dynasty. This diamond was with the Mughals for most of the time after its discovery. However Mughals lost the battle against Nader Shah in 17th century neither Shah acquired this diamond from the Mughals and named it Kohinoor. After Natasha’s death this diamond was passed on to Ahmad Shah Durrani who was his general.


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Kohinoor was later gifted to Ranjit Singh by the Durrani dynasty during early 18th century. However British East India defeated Ranjit Singh’s army in mid 18th century and took possession of this diamond. Kohinoor was later shipped to Britain. Diamond was gifted to Queen Victoria in 1850 and Kohinoor has been in possession of the royal family since then.

But would you believe if we tell you that this diamond is cursed. One ancient Hindu text describes this diamond as “He who owns the diamond will own the world, but will also know all its misfortunes, only God or a woman can wear it with impunity”. While we may not decisively say that this diamond is cursed, but from what we have seen so far it is quite evident that whoever has owned the diamond were either defeated or died.

The Kakatiya dynasty who originally owned this diamond was defeated by Alauddin Khalji. Then Alauddin Khalji died shortly after that and the diamond was passed on to the Mughals. The Mughals, they lost the war with Nader Shah which weakened their empire. Nader Shah died shortly after that thus putting an end to this dynasty. Ahmed Shah died making his empire on the verge of collapse, Ranjit Singh died and within few years his kingdom collapsed.

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British Empire, the Empire gradually started losing hold on its colonies including India because of this supposedly curse of Kohinoor. In Britain, only the queen is allowed to wear the Kohinoor diamond, men are prohibited from using it. With such a history of blood and violence behind it, no wonder this diamond has generated more curiosity in people over a period of time. We might not know if this diamond will ever come back to India, but the bigger question is whether it is a blessing in disguise for India, only time will tell.

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