CW Releases Emotional Supernatural Tribute Video Which Will Make Your Eyes Teary

Welcome to Humor Nation. Supernatural saga is soon going to end with its upcoming fifteenth and final season. The show’s network CW has released a new promo for the final season of the show. This video is definitely going to make you emotional, it highlights the fifteen year-long journey of the show.

CW Releases Emotional Supernatural Tribute Video Which Will Make Your Eyes Teary

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The emotional tribute video starts by taking the fandom right back to the pilot of the episode before it all started. The event which kicked off this legendary series; the death of Mary Winchester. From there the video takes us through some most memorable moments of the show, moments which made us laugh, moments which made us cry. A cover of Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” plays in the background. The show features some iconic scenes such as the introduction of Castiel to the showdown between Michael and Lucifer in the cemetery in the season five finale ‘Swan Song’. Then it shows Dean’s hilarious scream from the ‘Yellow Fever’ which became a famous GIF and a lot more of stuff. It ends with the events of finale of season 14.

So Take A Look At The Emotional Supernatural Tribute Released By CW

Supernatural returns this Thursday on CW at 8 PM ET. What are your expectations about this finale season? We should take a moment to thank the amazing cast of Jensen, Misha, Jared and others who entertained us with their iconic characters. Also the creators of the show who captivated the audiences with their amazing storylines.

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