Dangerous Curses Of Mahabharata That You Should Know


5. When Kunti kept Karna’s secret from her sons, Yudhistra got very hurt and cursed womankind that no women will ever be able to keep any secrets.

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6. When Draupadi got married to all the Pandavas, it was decided that only one Pandava will stay in the room at a time and leave his slippers outside the door so that other Pandava get to know that there is already someone inside. Once a dog took away a slipper from the doorstep and another Pandava entered the room thinking that no one is there and saw Draupadi getting intimate with another Pandava brother. This embarrassed and angered Draupadi and cursed all the dogs that everyone will now see them mating in open.

7. After the end of Mahabharata war, Gandhari cursed Krishna that his clan and close ones will also end in the same way as her clan and sons ended.

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