5 Dangerous Gangsters Of India Who Were Encountered

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. In the 1990’s the Police started to encounter killings to kill the underworld dons in the cities. There were many such dangerous gangsters in India who were killed during police encounters.

So let’s know about those gangsters of India who were killed during encounters

1. Gangster Aziz Reddy

5 Dangerous Gangsters Of India Who Were Encountered

Eight cases of murder were registered and some cases of extortion were also registered against Aziz Reddy and he also used to take money from rich businessmen to settle land disputes, he also used to kidnap people. A manhunt was launched against him and he was encountered by Hyderabad Police in the Jubilee hills area of this city. He was commonly called Baba Reddy among his associates.

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2. Maya Dolas

“Shootout at Lokhandwala” was a movie starring Vivek Oberoi was based on the life of Maya Dolas as a gangster. His real name is Mahindra Dolas and he also worked for Dawood Ibrahim(D-Company), He was killed at the age of 25 during an encounter in the year 1991 by the Commissioner of Mumbai Police in Lokhandwala Complex.

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